It is a known fact that the financial services industry is a fiercely competitive solution and service market. The management of a non-profit organization and support personnel need reliable communication, problem-solving, sales, and customer service skills to professionally support customer needs.

Our training and consultancy services facilitate improving existing and developing new training strategies to streamline operations in a non-profit organization. ExoBM also helps in training internal trainers by improving training materials.

We have developed, designed, and delivered training to non-profit organizations involved in various industries.

ExoBM recognizes that human capital is one of the most underutilized resources of most entities. We believe that teaching our clients to do the job correctly is the first step towards independence and self-efficacy.

For non-profit organizations, we have formulated and delivered several training courses to optimize operational efficiency. Some of the most outstanding training services, among many others, include:

  • Training material design and development;
  • Training requirement analysis;
  • In-house trainer training;
  • Database design training; and
  • Time management and problem-solving training.

Our 300-strong content developers, instructional designers, professional development facilitators, and trainers are strategically located across the US, specifically the Washington, DC area, to serve non-profit businesses.

In a non-profit business, staff and leaders should guarantee that financial statements and accounting records are accurate and comply with regulatory requirements. Our training programs cover and deliver necessary and expert non-profit accounting procedures, rules, and best practices.

We offer top industry tips and tricks to improve operational effectiveness and financial efficiency. Our training programs are specifically designed to provide a “bigger picture” perception, which is essential for potential funders and donors. Let us help you learn practical strategies to help your non-profit business become sustainable, effective, and stronger.