Grants Management

For non-profits organizations, grant management is an essential and integral aspect of the grant acquisition mission. It helps provide accurate insights, information, and reporting to show your funder the funded money is being appropriately accounted for and spent. ExoBM updates inform and assist non-profit organizations in determining their quickly accomplished objectives after receiving grants funds.

We ensure competency in the execution of grant-related activities and reporting. ExoBM helps in the development and establishment of benchmarks and other tools to measure and enhance efficiency.

Excellent grant management begins by getting your internal team on the same page. We make sure that all stakeholders are informed and updated about the grant budget and its allocation. These actions help all relevant stakeholders to understand the proper distribution, usage, and management of grants.

ExoBM excels at grant management and shares interim and final reports with the non-profit organizations it works with. We excel at timely identifying different reporting deadlines to ensure optimal plans are devised. ExoBM also provides and reviews that your team is equipped with appropriate knowledge about reporting requirements and submission dates. This helps the client to allocate adequate time to prepare reliable and accurate reports. We help keep your outsourced or in-house bookkeeper about essential dates and deadlines; the intention is to deliver sufficient support for report preparation.

Mapping the account chart against the allocated budget makes it feasible to manage grant report financials. One of the most appropriate methods to accomplish this is by using accounting software with projects utilizing grants. We use sophisticated accounting software to deliver a customized platform for grants accounting system. Likewise, the use of technology allows us to track grant financials as well.