ExoBM will create a customized plan that satisfies your expressed and situational needs: Income and Expense Management, Reconciliations, Projections, Forecasts, Period Closing, Financial Reporting and Analysis, internal controls, policies, and procedures.


The process of hiring a bookkeeper is about identifying a financial service provider who can help you devise accounting solutions to fulfill your situational business needs. It would be best if you had a well-trained professional team and has the knowledge to help profit your business. A bookkeeper provides a three-layer approach to develop and maintain the overall financial management and processes for companies. We use sophisticated bookkeeping software to upgrade the strategic and functional operations of non-profit businesses.

ExoBM offers outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services to non-profit organizations. Our vast bookkeeping and accounting experience have helped our clients save valuable money and time. By hiring ExoBM as your bookkeeper, you’ll trust us for updated and error-free accounting and enjoy quality services under stringent deadlines.

We realize the fundamental obligations of a bookkeeper and help trace receivables and payables while keeping all the financial transactions of your business reported and documents.

Our long stretches of accounting experience boost the revenue-generating abilities of your non-profit business, helping you save additional overhead expenses. ExoBM

ExoBM has been providing bookkeeping and accounting services to non-profit organizations associated with different industries. These efforts help our business partners remain atop on their financial functions.

Utilizing ExoBM services, the client will be getting significantly more than just traditional financial bookkeeping services. The client will be getting extended financial service assistance; we will learn about your business, identify business needs, and give appropriate guidance to enable you to succeed under stiff market competition.

Our top-quality accounting services offer non-profit organizations customized bookkeeping, account, and taxation services. Our certified bookkeepers provide exceptional client care, which guarantees optimal returns. At ExoBM, the bookkeeping and accounting services are varied, covering finance preparing, budgetary reporting, accounting, credit card management, and invoice handling.